Article Marketing for Bad Writers

Details:::Are you a bad writer?  Do you hate writing?  Does the thought of having to write articles day after day make you queasy?  Well, if the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, do not fret.  You can still engage in effective article marketing.

Let’s cut to the chase.  If you answered yes to any of the above questions you should not write your own articles.  Attempting to do so may be more harmful than helpful.  You can still engage in article marketing, however, you will need to have professional writers handle the content creation for you.

Call in the Big Guns

Article marketing has a high return on investment.  That is why someone who may not like to or want to write would be researching the topic.  Because of its very high return on investment, you can hire a writer and still maintain a very high ROI.

You are not going to hire Stephen King to write your articles so do not call your bank and try to get a mortgage out on your home to pay for a writer.  You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can get very good writers at a very fair price.

Professional writers are able to create well-written content quickly.  Prolific writers can generate a volume of content quickly and economically which means you get the benefit of their skills for a very fair price.

If you are not a writer do yourself a favor and hire one.

Quality Counts

The only people that will tell you that the quality of your content does not matter for article writing probably told you in a poorly worded article or on a poorly worded website.  Typically these are non-native speakers who want to impress you with quantity and hope you overlook quality.  Your readers will not overlook quality.

Ask yourself if you would buy products or services from a company that has a poorly written website, e-mail or other content.  Chances are you would not and neither will your target market.
Quantity and quality are both important.  You can sometimes sacrifice quantity for quality but never sacrifice quality for quantity.

If you are serious about article marketing and you are unable to or unwilling to write the articles yourself, your best option is to hire a professional writer and distribute their articles as part of your overall online marketing campaign.

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